Community Engagement


Our civic education work leads to community empowerment…

Civic engagement is a major opportunity to build long term positive change in our communities. Many of our communities have suffered from a lack of roads, water and broadband internet.  We’ve worked on a variety of policies to strengthen our communities; policies like sacred site protection, suicide prevention, capping payday loans, and increasing the minimum wage for working families. 

We offer a variety of trainings and workshops that examine power structures and how they impact our daily lives.  We work to build our collective power to protect what is precious to Indigenous communities in NM. We do nonpartisan voter registration, voter education and outreach in Navajo, Pueblo and urban Indian communities. We seek to collaborate with organizations, tribal leaders and communities that are interested in creating a fair and sustainable world that includes Native people in an equitable way. If you would like more information, click here to email our Community engagement organizer.


Diné Energy

Picuris Pueblo Solar Energy Project

Picuris Pueblo Solar Energy Project

We are committed to a community learning process to make sure that we are working together to create comprehensive, holistic answers for a happy, healthy and beautiful home for generations to come

Native people in New Mexico have endured decades of extractive industries that compromised the health and prosperity of our people, land and water. We know that the damage to our land, water and health, impacts our ceremonies because our traditional religions are based in the natural world and our relation to it.  Clean water, clean air and clean homelands are what we need to ensure justice for our future generations.

In 2019 the New Mexico legislature took a big step in the right direction with the passage of the Energy Transition Act (ETA).  This would move New Mexico to 100% renewable energy portfolio by 2045; but getting there is not going to be easy. This means there is more work to be done on the policy and implementation to ensure we are not re-living the legacy issues with the extractive industries. Over the past few years, industries like coal and uranium have become vastly more expensive, and less profitable, causing many if not all extractive companies to leave the state. With a warming earth and a workforce that is about to be abandoned- the time to act is now.  We want to make sure that we are moving forward in a way that is culturally responsible, economically equitable, and respectful to our core values.   

Thus, NAVAEP recently hired organizer Joseph Hernandez and are opening a satellite office in Shiprock, New Mexico.  We are committed to a community learning process to make sure that we are working together to create comprehensive, holistic answers for a happy, healthy and beautiful home for generations to come. Join us as we learn more about sustainable energy and economies and contribute your voice to shaping our collective future. If you would like to learn more about our Diné Energy Organizer, contact our organizer by clicking here


Indian Country Counts - A NM Tribal Census Project


An Accurate count in the 2020 census is essential to empowering native people..

The US Census Bureau estimates the Native American undercount to be 4.9% which is especially significant when you consider the chronic poverty and underfunding that our communities have endured for many decades. A conservative estimate is that NM’s tribes stand to lose an $334 million dollars over the next 10 years if do not get an accurate count. So NAVAEP, along with our partners, the All Pueblo Council of Governors, urban Indian coalitions, the Center For Civic Policy and others are working hard to ensure that we get an accurate count to ensure that  our tribal economies, and programs that depend on federal funding are not negatively impacted. We’re collaborating with tribal Complete Count Committees and as well local, state and county CCC’s and coalitions. If you would like more information, feel free to send us an email here